First Step: Informing:

All Murat Erbas footwears are handmade and made to order (MTO) products. All shoe models on our website and our social accounts belong to us and aim to help you to find out the shoes you like most. As a result, we can list those down as the reasons for the preference of our firm by you:

1. All our footwears are handmade and handpainted.

2. Those shoes are are specially produced according to your foot size.

3. You are not limited by the models for sale on our website and we can make a different model that you wish. You can get benefit from the bespoke gallery on our website, our instagram, facebook or pinterest accounts.

4. You can choose the leather type (croc, ostrich, calf vs.) for the shoe upper.

5. The shoe upper and the totaly leather outsole are painted by hand according to your preference.

6. Due to the shoe upper and the outsole painted by hand you are not limited to single colors and you can select the combination of colors or transition painting.

7. The outsole of the shoes could be one, double or triple leather according to your demand.

8. You can make some changes in details. You can demand medallion toe or remove it or you can demand less or more eyelets.

9. In the case of your demand, your name may be written insole or your initials may be crafted on the side of heel.

The prices of the shoes could change with regard to the upper leather type, the outsole layers and the craftmanship difficulty. For the numbers over 47 (UK12), there will be an extra 50 usd payment. Additionally, there will also be an extra 50 usd payment for making a special last for the shoes you want and we never produce before. Before the production of bespoke shoes at least half of the payment must be wired or made. At the time of the production completed the photos of the shoes are sent you with other necessary information. Finally, after the whole payment completed your bespoke shoes are shipped. Because the whole shoes are made to order products it takes some time to produce. However, we assure to deliver in 10 workdays within Turkey and 15 workdays for the other countries.

Second Step: Application Process:

After the informing above if you decide to buy Murat Erbas bespoke shoes, please follow the instructions below respectively:

1. Firstly, find out your foot size according to the size guide instructions. In the case of visiting our showroom in Istanbul we could measure your foot size.

2. If there is a model you like on our website you can complete your shopping according to your foot size. If you would like to make some changes on the shoes or to tell us some special cases please contact us.

3. If the model you want to order is from our bespoke products gallery, our social media accounts or any other place, please contact us by sending the photos of the shoes via our social media accounts or through the communication info written below.

Third and The Last Step: Communication:

To contact with us please use the info below.

E-mail : [email protected]

Phone : 0533 674 11 41

Instagram :
Facebook :

Showroom : Merter / Istanbul, sanayi mah. ferah sk. no:9/2 Gungoren (By appointment only)