Why The Bespoke Shoes?

It is seen that men and women mostly prefer to wear bespoke dresses for the time of a marriage, an engagement and other special days and nights. It is quite natural, because in these organizations people would like to feel special, to fit their dresses to their body and to be comfortable. Everybody has own pleasures, body measurements and skin color. In addition to that, each organization has its own style like dress models and colors. As a result, for these days it seems necessary to order bespoke dresses.

If we want bespoke dresses for these special days, why don’t we want the same thing for our feet carrying all our weight and for our shoes making our feet comfortable during these organizations? Everything we say about dresses is indeed applicable for shoes as well.

Everyone has a different foot size. Somebody is able to have longer or plummer or wider feet or vice versa. To expect from everybody to have a standard size is not rational and having a non-standard size is not a shortage, it is just a personal difference. Sometimes the sizes of two feet could even be different from each other. Therefore, it is not always possible to find a pair of shoes that fit good on your feet. Even if you find a suitable pair of shoes, it can be difficult for these shoes to satisfy you at the same time in model, color and quality. You must have heard that saying frequintly: “I bought a pair of shoes five years ago and they were good at quality and comfortability but I couldn’t find again even a similar one. I bought again a pair from the same brand and size but I regretted because the quality and the pattern have changed.” It is almost imposibble to encounter these sort of complaints in bespoke shoes. Because the bespoke shoes are made according to the exact foot size and desired model, color and material. Most of the features of the shoes like outsole thickness, heel height, upper leather type and color are determined by you.

Isn’t there any disadvantage of the custom made shoes? Sure there is and it is the price. The market shoes are produced in factories as a mass production and mostly with less quality and cheaper metarials. On the other side, bespoke shoes are handmade and mostly handpainted, and much better quality materials are used. Additionally, some craftmanships (ex. Goodyear Welt) which take some time are applied to make the shoes more durable and comfortable. Naturally, this troublsome process has a cost and that cost is reflected to the price.

Briefly, the reasons for the preference of the bespoke shoes might be listed as high quality, comfortibility and being special to the person. Besides, we should take into consideration the time saving from which we spend to find the shoes we look for. As a disadvantage of the bespoke shoes we could say the price which is higher than the price of the market shoes.

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