How Are Murat Erbas Handcrafted Shoes Produced?

Murat Erbas has set as a primary goal to produce shoes in best quality. Due to that, our firm has been taking the materials used in production from the best suppliers across the globe. Our firm rejects the demands of producing cheaper shoes to maintain the quality and to not damage his reputation.

The leathers used for the shoe upper are calf, crocodile, alligator, python, ostrich, iguana, lizard and stingray by Murat Erbas. Our firm imports the whole calf skins and most of the exotic skins from the best French leather producers. These leathers are sent to our firm after the completion of organic tanning process. All leathers have their natural colors and the shoes’ uppers are painted by hand after the construction of the shoes through the request of the customers.

The outsoles of shoes are completely leather including the heels. The leather soles used by Murat Erbas are top quality and were already processed through organic tanning. The outsoles of the shoes could be made one, double or triple layers at the request of the customers. The customers who wants more robust and long lasting outsoles prefer double or triple layers; the others demanding more elegant and light outsoles prefer one layer. The outsoles which have double layers are strengthened with Goodyear Welt system. Norway Stitch is another handcrafted method that creates ,additional to Goodyear Welt system, the third layer and provides more durability to the shoes. All methods are organized and used according to the wishes of the customers.

Murat Erbas cares about not only the leather used to make upper and sole but also the dye used to paint the leather. Our firm prefers the dye which is totally organic. As it mentioned above all leathers have their natural color and they are carefully painted and polished by our craftsmen with their hands after the construction of the shoes.

The insoles and the inner linings are also made of natural calf skin. The İtalian pads are placed under the insoles to provide maximum comfortability and air to the feet.

Our firm can make shoes in different colors which could be very distinguished from classic colors. In addition to that, at the request of our customers we can make belts, coats, wallets and even watch belts harmonious with the type and the color of the shoes.

Shortly, Murat Erbas Luxury Handcrafted Shoes tries to bring the top-quality materials and the top-notch craftsmanship together to be able to reach the perfection. Because our firm has choosen as a target himself not to be one of the top shoes sellers, to be one of the most respective handcrafted shoes producers in the world.